manufacture, oil on linen, 18" x 18" (2024)

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"...all art is ecological" - Tim Morton

5% of all sales go to Earth/Percent in recognition of the Earth as a co-creator in my work


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This painting is part of a series of small works that give form and expression to that which is radically other, alien, and beyond the human. I think of them as 'thought forms' - idiosyncratic reminders that the world is uncanny, mysterious, weird, irreducible, strange, and yet familiar.

manufacture 18" x 18", oil on linen (2024)

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I have always felt that art is best experienced in the home - as something to live with - to savor and get to know.

Art transforms through time.

It can be something as simple as the morning light moving into evening or the slower changes of warm and cool light through the seasons. Colors shift, shapes evolve, nuances surface, and relationships reveal themselves. As we become more attentive and attuned to a work of art, we too transform; new thoughts appear… and disappear, new feelings arise, and relationships form.

But this kind of engagement doesn’t happen in museums or galleries. It can’t.

And yet, the vast majority of art is unavailable to most people simply because of its price. Art is expensive - and cost is the gatekeeper.

But the price of art is an arbitrary marker of value and significance. It’s not real.

The real value of art is in the experience - and this takes time.

To this end, I don't have fixed prices for my work - instead, I accept good-faith offers, based on what people can afford and think is reasonable.

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Release Date11 July 2024